Get organized with PURNANK in your Business and Save hours and grow sales, A 360 Degree Business Solution to you.

Embedded Technology and Technological Interventions for Brand building. Understand Your customer behave and connect them in seconds

Aggregated । Evaluated । Implemented

Sales and marketing Experience in purnank software


Sales and marketing automations perform sales and marketing tasks automatically

Create unified digital experiences to enhance customer experience and build loyalty.

Insight in purnank software


Innovate in purnank software


Accelerate in purnank software


Assure in purnank software


How small and medium businesses will use Business automation Purnank plateform.

Do work that matters. Automate the rest.Save time by automating repetitive tasks

Easy integration with Advanced feature —more growth in less time.

Health Care in purnank software

Health Care

Empowering Healthcare through Technology and innovative solutions

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Education in purnank software


Creating Digital echosystem for knowledge sharing for Education

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Retail in purnank software


Purnank Retail digital aligns demand with supply with quick delivery

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Consulting in purnank software


Helping organizations to uncover insight Business experiences

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Scale –up and automate anything with Purnank and increase your Brand Value.

Digitization of Small Business and SMEs. Migration is easy and Integration without the hassle

Digitalisation reduces transaction costs by providing better and quicker access to information, and communication between staff, suppliers and networks.

It can help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) integrate into global markets.accounting and financial management can save an enormous amount of time with पूर्णांक.

Purnank:-Tools for SMEs - What really matters.

An icon depicting an automatic welcome email being sent to a new lead, with arrow leading to an automatically sent email 2 days later, with arrow leading to automatically sent email 1 week later.

Close more sales with a CRM powered by sales and marketing automation

All integrations, data import, set up, implementation and training are free and come at no hidden costs. We offer industry expertise and share best practices to help smaller organizations make their mark in today’s competitive market scenario.

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360 Degree Business Solutions for Retails and Health care industry:

Purnank tool provide simple User interface where you will connect with customer and calculate behave of buying. .

When clients book an order, You will get notified automatically.

Purnank helping retailers to manage Accounting & Inventory in few clicks without getting huge technical knowledge, they are keeping control on inventory, Sale, Accounting and taxation.

Automations will remind your clients when they’ve overlooked an invoice and sends a thank you email once they’ve paid in full.

See what our customers have to say

"With the automation in Purnank P, we're able to streamline our Business flow and track all business activity .Purnank has good team having broad business knowledge."



"Before using Purnank, we spending lots of time in business calculation ,creating reminder dues report, Thanks Purnank now all things is available in single click."



"With Purnank, Me and My Employee able to understand what a customer's going to ask, what they'll want to know. We Fix this and getting customer exponential."



Frequently asked questions

  • Who We are?

    Our journey began with a belief, passion and hard work with the objective: that every business should have best technology and business platform where they can scaleup of his business in easy flow. From small grocery store, healthcare to education to a digital economy, we believe in the power of technology to help solve his business problem either in branding, financial, and scaling business. We are group of software Engineer, Business expert, financial expert having experience working in each sector. Our head office is in Bihar India but we delivering our service in Pan India.

  • What sales and marketing automation features does Purnank software 's platform offer?

    With Purnank software sales and marketing autiomation features, you can use preset Easy Automations or create custom processes to:

    • Send text and email follow-ups to potential clients

    • Take leads from contact form to appointment booked

    • Schedule reminders of client's appontments

    • Turn new leads into new deals in your sales pipeline, with emails about offerings and promotions to follow

    • Send invoice reminders and thank you emails...

    • and much more

  • How does automation benefit my business?

    Automating new and existing tasks saves time so you can focus on other areas of your business. Plus, sales and marketing automations improve organization, create more personalized communication, generate more sales, and ultimately boosts revenue.

  • What tools for CRM automation does Purnank software provide?

    Purnank software allows you to easily automate several parts of your CRM workflow:

    • Lead organization

    • Daily repetitive work

    • Follow•ups

    • Closing leads

    • Invoice creation and collection

    • Customer relations

  • Does Purnank software have sales and marketing automation experts to help me set up my account?

    You're never alone. Our Expert Coaching team will provide you with solutions and strategies that will allow you to grow sales and save time with confidence. We also have chat support, a help center, and user community.