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Purnank Hospital ERP

Purnank Hospital ERP

Small and middle-class healthcare institutions do not have a digital centralized data analysis platform, due to which these institutions are unable to forecast the upcoming disease trend as well as plan their business expansion in time. Due to lack of digital data analysis, the organization is not able to plan the matters of funds, due to which it is not able to invest in the right time and right object and always suffers from lack of funds, nor is it able to analyse the performance of the employee.

Purnank  ERP supports the entire healthcare industry, from MULTISPECIALIST hospital, Doctor, Nursing home to emergency healthcare service providers. The platform makes patient data instantly accessible upon hospitalization, key to improving patient outcomes, offering analytics, scheduling, asset management, incident logging, and billing and additional data capabilities across all teams.

Purnank 2.0 (Next) will allow for healthcare professionals  through intranet or in campus or out campus to connect with one another, read and share the latest about their daily working experience and even share their opinions on a wide range of medical topicsit will help all connected healthcare expert to know or understand health related problem or complexity form others experience who faced and handled earlier .