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360 degree business support for entrepreneurs working in Health Care Industry.

Data in local place (accessible anywhere).
streamline and automate your process to find best patient care treatment.

Health Care in Purnank software
Empower Healthcare Institute with Digital Tools in Purnank software

Empower Healthcare Institute with Digital Tools

Purnank help Healthcare Institute for adopting intelligent
automation and overcome skills gaps to realize expected digital benefit gains.

“The vast flow of data, requires a new understanding of data management, analytics and decision-making.
Purnank technology enable you to manage such flow of real data..”

All your client info organized on all your protected devices.

The platform makes patient data instantly accessible upon hospitalization, key to improving patient outcomes, offering analytics, scheduling, asset management, incident logging, and billing and additional data capabilities across all teams.

Seamlessly integrate scheduling, clinical workflows, patient engagement, and medical billing into Purnank .

Experiencing the Platform

With out-of-the-box features and an easy to use interface, the platform is designed for rapid implementation.

Patient Management Portal in purnank software

Patient Management Portal

  • Increase patient’s engagement in and ownership of their own health
  • Connect with the doctor through a convenient, safe and secure way
  • Send test results to patients quickly and securely
  • Better patient – physician relationship
  • Greater focus on patient care & improve clinical outcomes
  • Patients can view their visit notes in the portal
  • Hassle free online payment processing
  • Easily send reminders to patients for medications refill, appointments & pending payments

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